Nalanda encourages the needs of a learner for an innovative and joyful learning experience through identification, nurture and development of the students’ talents.

  • Interactive sessions in all subjects, worksheets, 3D interactivity, Videos and multimedia objects.
  • The methodology and learning aids involved are Computerized Programme in Mathematics and NIE (Newspaper in Education).

On the Tracks

Athletics, BasketBall, Volleyball, Cricket, FootBall and Kabaddi

Literary Activities

Debate, Extempore, Elocution and Verse Speaking, Dramatics, JAM sessions, Creative Writing, Pick and Speak.


Nalandians are given the option to select their clubs and enrich themselves by learning something new in these clubs:

Science Club

Children are exposed to the visual and practical aspects of scientific theories.

Literary Club

Students learn the dynamics of critical appreciation of literature, as well as other literary skills such as authorship and editing.

Commerce club (Children’s Movement for Civic Awareness)

A student is taught to integrate himself into the society and environment.

Art Club, Craft Club, Dance Club and Music Club

They provide the students with a forum for an aesthetic appreciation of the performing arts.
We also proudly present the TED Talk Club which has started in our campus to encourage Nalandians to discuss and celebrate innovative ideas.
Coding Club in-house is entirely designed & developed by Software Programmers along with the Alumni.
GC Week is organised every year with more than 90 events as Inter House Competition within 7 days.