harbour a holistic culture to enable our learners to emerge as confident global citizens.


AimOur Aim

  • We aim to nurture happiness and confidence in the scholars by providing child centric learning in a child friendly safe campus.
  • Enable, Encourage and Endow each child to initiate a life-long pursuit of learning, discovery, innovation, exploration and expression.

FocusOur Focus

  • Holistic growth and development of the body, mind and soul through a progressive curriculum, innovative instructional practices and multiple learning styles.
  • Activities designed to support experiential learning.
  • Endow students with plurality of voices while enhancing skills of active listening, and effective speaking.
  • Stem program to facilitate the learners to create, ideate and generate.
  • Critical thinking ability and problem solving skill.
  • Sharpening emotional skills.

We are committed to carve a niche in the competitive society by moulding our Nalandians into confident entrepreneurs and capable leaders of the future......



The psychology and sensitivity of the young child are the foundations for the adult. Keeping this in mind, the Kindergarten section mentors the child through :

  • Observation and Assessment
  • Interaction and Communication through various activities.
  • Focus on developing the child's sensory and motor skills


of the prospective candidate to ensure the initiation of a cohesive bonding between the student and the institution


Closely monitor each students academic progress and sharing the feedback with the parents to initiate a collaborative effort to help the child achieve excellence.



assisted with personal guidance and optimum knowledge achieved through experimentation and exploration


to supplement learning and enhance understanding. This instructional device appeals the vision, thus it helps in retention.

Foundational stage (upto std ii)

In keeping with the rich and varied imagination of the young minds, schooling involves stress free and attractive methods such as:

  • Regular monitoring of the child's progress through innovative testing tools.
  • Development of the child's academic and technical skills with the help of modern learning devices such as
    • Smart Boards,Rainbow Acrylic Blocks,
    • Guidecraft Arches and Tunnels,
    • PlayTape Black Road Tape,
    • LEGO Classic Basic Brick Set,Magna-Tiles.
  • Computerised Programmes in various subjects.

Preparatory stage: (upto std v)

In this stage, the children will be taught like the Foundation Stage (field learning based on play and activity) but also introduced with textbooks for classroom learning. The aim of this Preparatory stage is to teach basic numerical and reading skills to the student along with arts and physical education.
The Preparatory Stage offers:

  • teach reading, writing and arithmetic skills to students.
  • Encourages to teach three languages to students from the early stage – mother tongue, Hindi and English.
  • Independent mode of learning and expression.

Middle stage: (upto std viii)

The pre teen years are both impressionable and receptive. Hence the teaching methods and aids are designed to take this into account.
The Preparatory Stage offers:

  • Individualised learning paths assuring coverage of varied concepts and skills.
  • Interactive Curriculum throwing challenges to the learner at every stage.
  • Independent mode of learning and expression.
  • Learning through experience: activities mapped according to the curriculum.

Secondary stage: (upto std viii)

At this level the objectives and methodologies of the Board Exams are primarily focused upon. The students are monitored and trained so
that they are well prepared and confident about the upcoming CBSE exam. This is done through:

  • Constant evaluation in accordance with the norms of the CBSE Board.
  • Emphasis upon the Oral (Speaking) and Aural (Listening) skills as a part of the CBSE English Project.
  • Learning is made easy through seminars, audio-visuals aids, powerpoint presentations and role play.
  • Well equipped labs help the students gain practical knowledge.